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George Lundberg

Storbritannia inkludert øyene

Storbritannia (inkludert øyene):

Returning from Europe
Apart from filing a Flight Plan, UK or EU residents who intend flying from the UK into Europe do not need to follow any specific procedures other than making their first point of landing on the continent a notified (customs) aerodrome. However, the UK AIP at GEN 1-2-1-5 contains specific requirements for those entering or returning to the UK from another EU country. They are required to leave the continent via a notified aerodrome and inform the UK Border Agency of their intention to land in the UK at least
four hours beforehand by submitting a General Aviation Report (GAR). An electronic copy of the form, and guidance on when it is necessary and how to submit it, is available from the UKBA website:

Flight to and from the islands
Pilots who are going to or returning from Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man are reminded that the Terrorism Act 2000 requires them to depart from or land at a designated aerodrome. However, if they wish to use another aerodrome, they may apply to the Chief Police Officer for that area (in practice the local force Special Branch), but in most cases this requires at least 24 hours’ notice. The specific requirements are contained in the AIP at GEN 1-2-1-5. The designated aerodromes are listed at GEN 1-2 Appendix A, and contact details for UK police forces are listed in the guidance for completion of the General Aviation Report, which pilots are required to submit 12 hours before departure or arrival.