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Visiting Norway with drones or models


1 a) Model pilots visiting a model flying club
The following national rules apply to model pilots visiting a model flying club and/or participating in an event or competition in Norway organized by the Norwegian Air Sport Federation:

  1. You must have a valid 3rd party liability insurance according to Regulation (EU) 785/2004
  2. If participating in a competition you must have a valid FAI Sporting License for aeromodelling
  3. All transmitter and receiver equipment used must be CE-marked
  4. Before you fly you must be briefed and/or supervised by an official so that you are properly informed of all safety procedures for the model flying site you are visiting
  5. You must be registered as a “UAS operator” (See 2a or 2b of this document)

If you are staying in Norway for extended periods you can choose to join a club and be allowed to fly unsupervised according to The Norwegian Air Sport Federation Model Flying Handbook, provided that you:

  1. fly fixed-wing models that weigh less than 2 kg, drones that weigh less than 1 kg, helicopters with a rotor diameter of less than 850 mm, or:
  2. have a valid Norwegian model pilots competency certificate class A or B issued by the Norwegian Air Sport Federation

1 b) Model pilots flying alone (“Drone tourists”)

Tourists visiting Norway with drones or model aircraft that are not guests of a model flying club or participating in events or competition organized by The Norwegian Air Sports Federation must follow the rules in the “Open Category” of Regulation (EU) 947/2019 for unmanned aircraft, and abide by the foreign visitor information provided by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA):


2 a) Registration requirement for EU residents

Pilots from countries in the European Union (EU) must be registered in their home country in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/947. Your ID is valid in Norway.


2 b) Registration requirement for non-EU residents

Pilots visiting from countries outside the EU must register as a UAS operator with the Norwegian CAA. Info here:

If you have already registered as a UAS-operator in another EU-country before coming to Norway, you do not need to register again in Norway.

See also the FAQ from EASA for non-EU residents flying in Europe: